I'm taking it seriously.

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She is eating.

That sounds crazy.

A woman fell from a ship into the sea.

You just have to get out of here right now.

My sister is thin, but I'm a little overweight.

The oligarchic character of the modern English commonwealth does not rest, like many oligarchies, on the cruelty of the rich to the poor. It does not even rest on the kindness of the rich to the poor. It rests on the perennial and unfailing kindness of the poor to the rich.

It sounds like you got along well with him.


Perseverance conquers the worst obstacles.


We have invited our new neighbours for a drink.

You are a large person.

Please get rid of the dead leaves.

Do we have a deal?

Spyros crawled under barbed wire.


Of children we demand that they tell the truth, but why exactly of children?


Stanly was married to a Canadian.

That sounds like another lie.

This lesson is cancelled tomorrow.

I wash my car in front of the house without any problems.

I could have sworn I saw somebody.

Why wouldn't you let me help?

She has brains.

Are you getting enough oxygen?

My opinion differs from his.

The soldier saved his friend at the cost of his own life.

All men die, but not all men really live.

Dewey didn't drink any beer.

We'll take our chances.

Leung raked up all the leaves.

His popularity is falling.

If he is proficient in English, I'll employ him.

You're in trouble, aren't you?

I respect the mister's point of view.

Allow one hour to reach the airport.

They did it for the money.

Just give us a little more time.

Why did you punch her?

I found your diary.


He was my first boyfriend.

Natural selection has similarities to selective breeding, but it happens by itself and over a much longer period of time.

It must be the company I keep.

According to a study conducted by the Parenthood Foundation, the percentage of young people having unprotected sexual intercourse is on the rise.

He showed kindness by giving me a piece of advice.


We've got to fill this hole with something.

I leave this afternoon.

Did you tell Laura where you and Edmund first met?

He is qualified to be a lawyer.

Alright, well, call me tomorrow, and let me know how it all went. Have fun and be safe.

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There's a huge mark up on imported electronic goods.


I want to just focus on the positive.

Tanya biked 30 km to the store to buy strawberries for his pregnant wife.

I heard that Jess is going to eat dinner with us this evening.


He went into the bank.

The behavior did his reputation no good.

That's a debt I want to repay.


Kimmo wanted to protect himself.


What makes you think that I'm against that?

I was really unlucky.

Spudboy won't agree with us.


It is bad to hurt others.

I plan to tell him about you.

She prayed that her father would forgive her.

Who did you see at the station?

It was a nice place.

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I knew I was taking a chance.


The unhappy woman, drowned in tears, told her story.

Phiroze and Jimmy discussed their future plans.

Please make way for him.

Dare you ask her?

Fletcher and Alfred aren't really dating, are they?

Yumi is happy, isn't she?

Astrobiologists think our best bet for finding life on other planets is to search for water.

I felt hungry.

What are we all doing in here?

I'm tougher than I look.

Have you forgotten the true meaning of Christmas?

Why do they come here?

Lyndon says you're a bad influence.


Have you two been fighting?

I've been shopping all day.

Graham kept on walking even though he was in pain.

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He left through a secret passageway.

Physicians are usually distinguished from surgeons.

It sounds like a good plan.

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He decided to come with us.

I can't remember where this little doodad goes.

Marion made a fortune in oil.

The woman speaks as if she were a teacher.

Are you going to go with me?

If you really want to speak to me, it's now or never.

I planted a tree.

I have a new email address.

Are you involved in this?


The area of a triangle is half of the area of the rectangle with equivalent base and height.

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We used to fight.


It's fun to learn a foreign language.

I told him what to see in Kyoto.

Maarten paid off his debt.

My glasses keep slipping down my nose.

I always wear boots when it rains or snows.

What does it mean to think big?

I want to change my reservation.


Louise couldn't be contacted.

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She's looking but she doesn't see anything.

I get hysterical easily.

He wrote a letter on a piece of paper.

We have a lot of fun together.

Do not always ride on someone's coat-tail.

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Don't be a pest!

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He moved the furniture.

Geoffrey has taken off all his clothes.

I need to lose some weight.

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Rayan's doctor told him to give up smoking.

He's circling the drain.

We could not see anyone in the street.

The English established colonies in America in 1609.

In Singapore, practically right on the equator, the rainy and dry seasons aren't very clear cut.

If I want, they will kill you.

Christmas is December 25th.


Paul lowered his voice and told Ed that he loved her.


We can talk after dinner.

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You're reading too much into this.

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She said she was tired and consequently would go home so early.

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I will not give up!

I can't get an answer from him.

I want to find out the source of this irresponsible rumor.

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He isn't back from the mountain.

Give those cookies to me.

I'm going to go clean up.

Mix Jelske a drink.

"Human stupidity is endless", I say, and for this self-criticism, I consider myself an exception.


He was the most remarkable figure in the history of the city.

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I'm happy for her.


I didn't even notice you.

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What's the new guy's name?

Everyone is looking at Lindsay.

I left my gold fish alone and without food for too long and it eventually died!


She loves reading self-esteem sentences.

What's Carolyn up to these days?

Rodney is sewing his jacket.


The President appealed to the nation for its cooperation.


Raja picked up a pen and started to write.

Can he do whatever he wants?

Of course, you can leave.

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I did my best to protect him.

Let's help Irvin.

We've got to save them.

Ignorance and error are necessary to life, like bread and water.

They deserve it.

She denied any involvement in the murder.

What he said there was surprisingly difficult.


They will give way to you if your opinion is reasonable.

What time does the train depart?

That moving moment was captured in video.

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They were cheerful.

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I skipped out on my appointment with my boss.