Sakura Inspired Chiffon Cake


Have I told you that I am absolutely in love with Japanese Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)? To me, they are one of the prettiest and most delicate flowers. I can admire them for hours and hours when it is Sakura season.

Every year, from end of March to early May, Japan is adorned with these beautiful pink flowers and every year travellers try to catch the right time to be in Japan for the Sakura season. During cherry blossom season, people celebrate with ‘ Hanami’ by having parties outdoor beneath Sakura trees.

Yes, you might be saying, well it’s not March, April or May so it’s not really Cherry Blossom season. Well, living in the Southern Hemisphere, late July to August is the season for Cherry Blossoms to bloom. During this time, you canj spot some Sakura trees in certain suburbs of Sydney and also Sakura cuttings are available at the local Flower Markets.

For me, I am fortunate enough to have my own beautiful Sakura Bonsai which blooms every year around this time. With the weather warming up, in a very short period over a week, my bonsai can go to being buds to fully bloomed Sakura flowers. Today, the weather has warmed up and I can see my Sakura flowers opening up into these mesmerising flowers!

What more fitting than a Sakura inspired Cherry Chiffon Cake? This chiffon is made with fresh cherries to give it a light delicate flavour to reflect the true nature of Cherry Blossoms. It is filled with cherries and finished with a light pink Cherry cream.
I am certainly up for a nice afternoon tea beside Sakura Bonsai, enjoying this beautiful Chiffon. It is my Hanami Afternoon Tea!


Sticky Date Muffins with Butterscotch Sauce

Sticky Date Puddings are one of my favourite desserts. I fondly remember late night outings to Neutral Bay where I would indulge in a Sticky Date Pudding with a double scoop of ice cream! To me, they are the taste of comfort and friendship.

Today, I decided to create a sticky date muffin along with some dark butterscotch sauce. These sticky date muffins are super moist and so soft and fluffy, it pairs perfectly with the rich, dark butterscotch. I used dark brown sugar in my butterscotch sauce to give that slight deeper taste from the molasses. These Sticky Date Muffins are the ideal sweet for an indulgent afternoon tea for one. I guarantee you will not want to stop at just one though!



Frangipane Fruit Mince Pies

It’s Christmas time and what more fitting  way to get into the spirit of the holiday season than by enjoying some freshly-baked Frangipane Fruit Mince Pies. The Frangipane adds a sophisticated twist to traditional mince pies. The smell of the brandy-macerated fruits mixed  with the almond Frangipane is amazingly good.  In case you haven’t tried it before, Frangipane is a traditional Italian cream made from almonds. I have to say I could just eat these by the spoonful!

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2016 has been been a year of exciting new challenges for A Riddle, A Rabbit & A Tea Party and we look forward to what 2017 may bring! Thank you for supporting us in every way possible. We are incredibly grateful and hope to bring you many more delicious treats in 2017 as our way of saying thanks! May everyone have a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones and cherish the precious time you have with them. I hope 2017 will be a year of joy and happiness for all.

A Sweet Celebration with Coconut-Pandan Rockmelon Chiffon



I have been planning a surprise cake for my grandmother, who turned 89 years old this past weekend. Thinking back to when I was a child, I remember she use to cook many, many of her yummy meals for my brother and I. I am sure I have unconsciously learnt a lot from her cooking.

My grandma was born in the year of the Rabbit, so what more fitting than a fondant rabbit with a giant carrot! I know she doesn’t like desserts that are overly sweet, so I decided a delicate, refreshing coconut-pandan chiffon cake filled with rockmelon cream would be perfect. This light, fluffy chiffon cake paired perfectly with some refreshing rockmelon. It is wonderful for a bright sunny day!

When my grandmother saw this cake, she was so surprised and had such a lovely smile on her face. It was worth every effort it took to make this cake for her! The best part is she ate all of the rather large piece of cake I served her! Happy 89th birthday Grandma!





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I had someone special who wanted an owl-themed birthday this year so, as a surprise, I made this cute little owl cake! 

This moist dedecant Belgium chocolate mud was perfect for utilising my cake carving skills. The owl’s wing feathers were made from a dark chocolate ganache whilst his plumage was made from a French vanilla icing. His nose was a jelly bean and his feet were made with Tic-Tacs. 

I was told this owl was so cute that it was very difficult to cut into him when the time came to devour the cake! 

Matcha VoVos


Inspired by a classic Australian high tea treat with a modern exotic twist. These Matcha VoVos are made with a Matcha wheat flour biscuit base topped with 2 strips of matcha-infused marshmallow peaks and a central river of raspberry compote.

Making homemade marshmallow is great fun and really quite fascinating. It starts out as a sugar syrup and, as you whisk, the magic starts to happen. Slowly, the syrup becomes pale, thickens, and finally you get a mixture that sets into a light, beautiful and fluffy marshmallow.

Best enjoyed as an afternoon snack. It’s hard to stop at just one.

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Inspired by a Pesto-flavoured Madeleine I tasted during my last trip overseas, I have recently been testing out the use of fresh Basil in my desserts. Today, I decided to create this simple Strawberry & Basil Madeleine. The wonderful aroma and slightly peppery flavour of  Basil compliments the sweet juiciness of the Strawberries amazingly well.

For this recipe, I used fresh Basil plucked straight from the little herb garden in my backyard, along with some perfectly-ripe, plump Strawberries – all blended together with maple sugar (one of my favourites!) to give the flavour more depth. I think these Madeleines are perfect for a late winter’s morning tea; delectably soft, moist and satisfying paired with a hot white tea. High tea heaven.

Earl Grey & Lavender Chiffon Cake


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I have to admit, I have been a tiny bit obsessed over chiffon cakes after my travels to Korea recently. I also think Chiffon cakes have come back into popularity lately (or maybe I spot them more frequently because of my ‘slight’ obsession). But either way, my infatuation has become not only to create a Chiffon cake that rises to its maximum height without collapsing, but one that has a soft, moist, light, fluffy texture with maximum flavour! The light texture of chiffon cakes comes from achieving a quality meringue which you fold into the batter. The moistness of the cake is supplied by the oil and egg contents, whilst I find the light, fluffy texture is dependent on having just the right ratio of liquid. Moreover, there is also some technique involved – you need to ensure that you knock the air bubbles (but not all the air) out of the batter before baking. Once out of the oven, you have to make sure you ‘shock’ it before turning it upside down to cool with gravity! And this is where you do not want to see it deflate or collapse so you find yourself constantly peeking to ensure it is still at full height. See, now you can see where the obsession lies. So many elements to achieve!

So I finally decided, since I absolutely love Earl Grey tea, what is more fitting than to create a light, fluffy chiffon cake with the subtle, warming aroma of Bergamot found in that delicious tea. For our Earl Grey Chiffon cake, we included a touch of elegance by incorporating a hint of lavender to the Earl Grey cream to create what we think is the most amazing tasting chiffon cake. Not only does this cake taste great, it looks absolutely gorgeous. Simple but delicious. Classic but definitely stylish.

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Passionfruit Bavarois with Marzipan Hydrangea Petals


This weekend, we made a Passionfruit Bavarois to celebrate a special birthday. This is a delightful, refreshing cake with a light, mousse texture together with a biscuit Jaconde. The top of the cake is decorated with a Passionfruit mirror and hand-made Marzipan Hydrangea petals. My favourite part is the Fleur-de-Lys stenciling around the outside of the cake – I think it gives the cake a lovely, finespun character. This cake can be enjoyed with a strong Ceylon Tea.

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